Bridge 2 Life

To help ensure that each family conversation reflects an OPO call center’s philosophy, policies, and standards of practice, Gift of Life Institute offers a comprehensive, customizable Tissue Authorization Guide (TAG).

dcids-tissue-authorization-guide_cvr_1Recently, Bridge 2 Life, a member of DCI Donor Services (TDS/NMDS/SDS), and one of our long time clients, expressed interest in utilizing the TAG and incorporating its use into one of  their semi-annual authorization workshops. It was our pleasure to work with them to customize the guide so it could serve as a real time adjunct to assure family donation conversation practices are consistent and meet their organizational standards.

We caught up with Kami Spurlock, Manager, Bridge 2 Life, to discuss how they’re utilizing the guide and what, if any, effect it’s had on authorization rates.

How long have you engaged the Institute to conduct onsite training for Bridge 2 Life and in what capacity?

KS: Over 10 years and going strong! Patti (Mulvania, Senior Faculty at Gift of Life Institute) has been essential to our approach training. With the Dual Advocacy/Value-Positive approach training our staff has been able to reach more families and allowed us to save and enhance more lives.

Why did you decide to utilize the Tissue Authorization Guide for family donation conversations?

KS: Having all the tools from the Institute’s training at the fingertips of our staff so they may review each case and build a core foundation upon was a no brainer for us. The staff utilize the Guide every day when speaking with families and love having the instant reference at their work station.

What was it like partnering with the Institute to customize a guide that reflects your specific practices?

KS: Patti and her team are amazing to work with, one of my favorites in fact! Patti is very accommodating, flexible and so knowledgeable about the industry that it makes for an amazing training each and every time!

Since implementation of the guide, has there been any measurable effect on your call center’s authorization rates?

KS: We have seen an overall increase in our authorization rates and look forward to our upcoming training so we can continue to measure our success.

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