FACULTY FOCUS: Patricia Mulvania, RN, BSN, CPTC

Title: Senior Faculty, Gift of Life Institute

Years in Healthcare Field: 30+

Began in the pre-hospital care and emergency department settings


Professional Background: In additional to her role as Senior Faculty Staff at Gift of Life Institute, Patti leads the Gift of Life Donor Program Clinical Staff Development Department. She is responsible for the orientation and ongoing training of all Clinical Division Staff, including organ, tissue, and call center. Patti also serves as a clinical administrator, supervising OPO clinical activity—from initial donor referral through completion of organ recovery—for a 24 hour period.

Inspiration for Staying in Field: “How much I enjoy and learn from all the donor families with whom I’ve had the privilege to work with. I don’t have words to adequately express what that experience means to me. I am also inspired by recipients and colleagues. I have met so many recipients who have been through unimaginable hardships, and yet, there they are… volunteering to share their stories, wanting to pay it forward, and willing to give of themselves to honor their donor families. As far as colleagues, this field is full of incredibly hardworking and committed individuals who dedicate their skill and knowledge—and often sacrifice so much in terms of time with their own families—to assure that every potential donor family has an opportunity to make a fully informed donation decision and that in so doing assures that everyone on the waiting list has the best opportunity we are able to offer for them to receive a transplant. Great field. Great people!”

Advice to New OPO Staff: Don’t count the hours you work (that metric can be rough). Instead, really tune into the difference you and your colleagues make in the lives of so many people, and watch how you grow personally as a result. If you’re looking for work that gives you a sense of purpose and provides the privilege of truly helping others… you found it.”

Tell us something we don’t know about you: “I’m a huge lover of animals in every shape and form. For me, making sure every animal has a home and that we have better laws and practices in place that assure kind and compassionate treatment for animals everywhere, is right up there with eradicating the organ waiting list.”

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