International Experience

In addition to recently completing collaborative ventures with both the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority and Canadian Blood Services to develop and implement donation conversation training programs to provide the knowledge and skill necessary to improve authorization outcomes, Gift of Life Institute has plans to institute similar efforts in other countries.

Through our affiliation with Gift of Life Donor Program (GLDP), one of the oldest and most active OPOs in the United States, Gift of Life Institute has the unique ability to provide real-time and real-world educational experience to international visitors, having hosted health professionals from such countries as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Japan, the Philippines, and Spain. GLDP evaluates over 3,000 ventilator dependent cases each year. In 2015, GLDP coordinated the most organ donors and organs for transplant in the United Stated, coordinating 483 organ donors, resulting in 1,291 transplants (averaging 44 donors per million). In 2015, GLDP also coordinated 1,202 bone recoveries, 2,265 cornea recoveries and 2,546 tissue recoveries, thereby providing learners with many opportunities to observe and participate in the process.


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