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The following are recent national and international articles on donation and transplantation:


Biden’s Health Department Looks to Push Equity Requirements on Transplant Lists

Published: 5/27/2024

Source: Daily Caller

New US liver transplant policy raises cost and equity concerns, according to new study

Published: 5/29/2024

Source: CNN

Opinion: Fighting for Equity for Black and Brown Transplant Patients

Published: 05/29/2024

Source: Washington Informer

Kidneys From Deceased Donors Who Were on Dialysis Are Suboptimal

Published: 05/24/2024



‘Amazing legacy’ of Dáithí’s Law hailed one year on

Published: 06/01/2024

Source: BBC

Kingston man first adult to donate heart using ‘heart-in-a-box’ technology

Published: 5/27/2024

Source: The Napanee Guide

First pig-to-human liver transplant recipient ‘doing very well’

Published: 5/31/2024

Source: Nature


The following are recent webinars featuring discussions on the COVID-19 pandemic:

“Providing Aftercare Services to Those in Need During the Covid-19 Crisis” Password is 0P+q7B!l


The following are podcasts featuring experts discussing topics such as comforting grieving donor families, communicating with recipient families, and communicating with medical staff:

Reopening the Donation Conversation with Dr. Cherry Wise

Engaging the Physician, Part 1, with Chris Schimpf

Engaging the Physician, Part 2, with Chris Schimpf

Supporting Families of Pediatric Donors with Dr. Cherry Wise

Supporting Families With Children with Dr. Cherry Wise

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