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Maintaining Professional Boundaries

By Cherry Wise, PhD | October 6, 2021

Professional boundaries are vital in OPO work because we are working on a deep level with vulnerable people. We have a responsibility to them to do things to the best of our ability and to ensure that our help and support does not damage or disenfranchise them.

Helping Children Say Goodbye

By Cherry Wise, PhD | July 23, 2021

In almost every loss, there is an affected child—or children. When adults are in the midst of taking in the news and making the many decisions that arise, it may be hard for them to maintain awareness of the needs of the children in the family.

Engaging the Physician

By Elizabeth Spencer, BS, MPH | January 5, 2021

Engaging the physician is an invaluable component of the OPO-hospital partnership and an important strategy for cultivating and strengthening physician relationships.

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