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Following are recent national and international articles on donation / transplantation.


There’s a 24-fold rise in organ transplants from drug overdose donors

Published: 4/17/2018; Source: CNN

Transplanted livers help body defend against organ rejection, Mayo Clinic study finds

Published: 4/18/2018; Source: EurekAlert!

Northwest Indiana residents participating in world-record setting gathering of living organ donors

Published: 4/20/2018; Source: The Times of Northwest Indiana


U.K. Moves Toward Making Adults Presumed Organ Donors

Published: 2/23/2018; Source: New York Times

New Dutch law to make all adults organ donors unless they opt out

Published: 2/14/2018; Source: CNN


Below are podcasts featuring experts discussing topics such as comforting grieving donor families, communicating with recipient families, and communicating with medical staff.

Reopening the Donation Conversation with Dr. Cherry Wise

Engaging the Physician, Part 1, with Chris Schimpf

Engaging the Physician, Part 2, with Chris Schimpf

Supporting Families of Pediatric Donors with Dr. Cherry Wise

Supporting Families With Children with Dr. Cherry Wise

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