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Following are recent national and international articles on donation / transplantation.


How a Pensacola company is aiming to make private charter flights more accessible

Published: 10/07/2019     Source: Pensacola News Journal

Bells ring in memory of organ donor angels

Published: 10/07/2019     Source: Albany Democrat-Herlad

I want a journalist to see what happens to my organs after I die. Here’s why.

Published: 10/04/2019     Source: Washington Post


AI Pinpoints Genes Associated with Heart Failure

Published: 09/29/2019     Source: Forbes

Opinion: ‘The Nicholas Effect’ 25 years later: After we donated our son’s organs, Italy was never the same

Published: 09/29/2019     Source: Los Angeles Times

Kidney transplant patient is still alive 50 years after sister saved his life

Published: 09/23/2019     Source: METRO

Below are podcasts featuring experts discussing topics such as comforting grieving donor families, communicating with recipient families, and communicating with medical staff.

Reopening the Donation Conversation with Dr. Cherry Wise

Engaging the Physician, Part 1, with Chris Schimpf

Engaging the Physician, Part 2, with Chris Schimpf

Supporting Families of Pediatric Donors with Dr. Cherry Wise

Supporting Families With Children with Dr. Cherry Wise

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