Howard M. Nathan

  • Howard M. Nathan

    Howard Nathan is President and CEO of Gift of Life Donor Program. Gift of Life is one of the largest and oldest of the 58 organ procurement organizations in the United States, having coordinated more than 29,000 organs for transplantation and tens of thousands of tissue transplants since 1974. Mr. Nathan is also the President of the Transplant Foundation, a charitable organization supporting the mission of Gift of Life Donor Program. Considered a leading authority on organ and tissue donation, Mr. Nathan has served on numerous leadership boards and committees, including the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO), the North American Transplant Coordinators Organization (NATCO), and the Advisory Committee on Organ Transplantation. Mr. Nathan serves on the board of the Delaware Valley Healthcare Council (DVHC) and was the previous President of the International Society of Organ Donation and Procurement (ISODP). Mr. Nathan has published more than 300 scientific papers and abstracts in his 32-year tenure with Gift of Life, is a regular presenter at national and international organ procurement and transplantation conferences, and is consulted frequently by the national media.

Pamela L. Albert, RN, BSN, CPTC, CBF

  • Pamela L. Albert, RN, BSN, CPTC, CBF
    Faculty Member

    Pamela Albert began her career in transplantation 30 years ago and has had the opportunity to participate in many aspects of the process since then. At the New England Organ Bank, Pamela has worked as a donation coordinator, education specialist/hospital development coordinator, donor family liaison and aftercare coordinator. She is currently serving as the Director of Donor Family Services and is responsible for consent training for all staff who obtain consent, as well as overseeing the tissue operations center, aftercare and volunteer services departments.

    Pamela also facilitates a parents' bereavement group at the Children’s Room in Arlington, MA, and she has lectured across the country on topics relating to contact between donor families and recipients, as well as grief and loss issues in the workplace. Pamela is published in both Progress in Transplantation and Critical Care Nursing Clinics of North America and received the National MTF Donor Family Care Award in 2000 for her work with donor families.

Diana Brim-Matheson

  • Diana Brim-Matheson

    Diana has been in the OPO community for 10+ years as a consultant, trainer, Family Resource Coordinator and Consent Team Supervisor; she currently works as the Clinical Educator for the Family Services Department at California Transplant Donor Network. Diana is the co-author and presenter for the UNOS workshop: Transforming Chaos Into Momentum (TCIM), and has consulted and administered the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to various OPOs throughout the United States.

    Diana has a MA in Career Development and a BA in Business Management. She is a Master Career Counselor and Registered Professional Counselor (CA), and has earned certificates in Grief and Loss Studies (UC Berkeley) and in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Prior to her involvement in the OPO community, Diana was an adjunct lecturer for graduate level classes at several universities and has more than 20 years of experience as a counselor, trainer and coach.

John Edwards, RN, BSN, RRT, CPTC

  • John Edwards, RN, BSN, RRT, CPTC
    Faculty Member

    John Edwards is a Clinical Administrator for Gift of Life Donor Program and a faculty member of the Gift of Life Institute. He has over 16 years of experience in the field of organ donation, including over 10 years in transplant coordination. His leadership experience in the OPO and healthcare fields, as well as his extensive training in the request-for-donation process, has enabled John to become a highly-recognized educator on a national level.

Richard D. Hasz, BS, MFS, CPTC

  • Richard D. Hasz, BS, MFS, CPTC
    Faculty Member

    Richard Hasz is the Vice President of Clinical Services for the Gift of Life Donor Program. Rick oversees the day-to-day clinical operations of the program, including Transplant Coordination, Hospital Development, Organ Preservation, Quality Assurance and Tissue Recovery.

    With 20 years of experience in organ and tissue donation, Rick has been invited to serve on numerous national leadership committees for the United Network for Organ Sharing, most recently as the former Chair of the Operations & Safety Committee and as a member of the Membership and Professional Standards Committee. Rick also holds membership in the North American Transplant Coordinator’s Organization, The American Society of Transplant Surgeons and the American Association of Tissue Banks. He currently serves on the Editorial Board for Progress in Transplantation and is a past President of the Board of Governors for the American Board of Transplant Certification. Rick has delivered lectures and educational sessions for over 60 organizations and professional societies in the U.S. and abroad.

    Rick obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s degree in Forensic Science from George Washington University.

Patricia Mulvania, RN, BSN, CPTC

  • Patricia Mulvania, RN, BSN, CPTC
    Senior Faculty Member

    Patricia Mulvania has over 23 years of experience in the field of healthcare, including more than 15 years in the organ and tissue procurement field. In addition to her work in organ and tissue procurement, she has worked and served in leadership roles in the emergency department, home-care and Hospice settings.

    Along with her work for the Gift of Life Institute, Patti also serves as the Clinical Educator and as a Clinical Administrator for Gift of Life Donor Program. She has extensive teaching and leadership experience in both the OPO and healthcare fields and has personally conducted and supervised OPO clinical activity, including conversations with potential donor families, for more than 14 years.

Ginny Robertson, BS

  • Ginny Robertson, BS

    Ginny Robertson has provided hospital development training and consulting services to OPOs in the U.S. and Canada since 2004. Prior to this, Ginny had 12 years of experience in the field of hospital development and held the position of Director of Hospital Services for Gift of Life Donor Program for eight of those years.

    Ginny has been an invited speaker for more than 20 conferences in the U.S. and abroad on topics relating to hospital relations, DCD implementation, legislative change and other success stories. She served as the Chair for the AOPO Hospital Development Council from 1999-2001. Prior to her work at Gift of Life, Ginny was with the American Red Cross, Blood Services in Philadelphia, directing a CEO-level marketing campaign for the regional healthcare and corporate markets. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a minor in Finance from Albright College in Reading, PA.

Elizabeth Spencer

  • Elizabeth Spencer

    Elizabeth Spencer was with Washington Regional Transplant Community (WRTC) for nine years, serving as both Director of Hospital Services & Professional Education and in the clinical division as a Senior Clinical Recovery Coordinator. As Director of Hospital Services & Professional Education, Elizabeth was responsible for oversight of partnerships with area hospitals regarding the implementation of donation best practices, donation educational programs for various hospital staff, hospital data analysis and reporting, hospital donation strategic planning, and hospital polices related to organ and tissue donation. Elizabeth has Bachelors degrees in Biology and Psychology from Washington Lee University and a Masters degree in Public Health Communications and Marketing from George Washington University.

Cherry Wise, Ph.D.

  • Cherry Wise, Ph.D.
    Faculty Member

    Cherry Wise has been working in the OPO world since 1997, at which time she had a private practice as a psychologist and was a professor at the Wright Institute of Professional Psychology in Berkeley. Prior to that, she was the director of a non-profit organization that provided services to children and their families in times of bereavement or impending loss.

    Cherry has worked with numerous OPOs across the country, developing best practices related to staff development and donation services. She has also co-presented UNOS workshops, including "Transforming Chaos into Momentum" and "Children First."

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