Transplantation Pregnancy Registry International (TPR)

The Transplant Pregnancy Registry International (TPR) was established in 1991 by Dr. Vincent T. Armenti to study the outcomes of pregnancies in female organ transplant recipients and those fathered by male organ transplant recipients.

TPR coordinators welcome calls from transplant recipients, other patients who take immunosuppressive medications, and the health-care providers who care for them. Each participant has a unique story that enriches the research and can help other recipients considering parenthood after their transplant.

The TPR research team includes Michael J. Moritz, MD (Principal Investigator), Serban Constantinescu, MD, PhD (Co-Investigator), and Registry Coordinators, Lisa A. Coscia, RN, BSN, CCTC, Carolyn H. McGrory, MS, RN, Faith Carlin and Arshi Yusuf.

Please visit the TPR website to request additional information or to report a pregnancy.

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