Pam has been working with Gift of Life Institute for 15 years.

Title: Faculty, Gift of Life Institute

Years in Healthcare Field: 30+; began in the field of donation and transplantation in 1981 working as a nurse with kidney recipients. Over the past 30 years she has had the opportunity to participate in many aspects of the process.

Professional Background: At New England Donor Services (formerly New England Organ Bank) Pam has worked as a donation and hospital development coordinator, educational specialist, donor family liaison, aftercare coordinator, Director of Tissue Operations and Donor Family Services. She is currently serving as the Senior Director of Tissue Donor Services Resource Development and is responsible for ongoing authorization training for tissue operations staff as well as coaching and mentoring new leaders in the organization. 

Pam began her association with Gift of Life Institute in 2007. During her tenure, Pam has served as both faculty and advisor for Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) courses, WebEncounter online applications, and national/international onsite trainings at OPOs, tissue banks, and eye banks.

Inspiration for Staying in Field: The ongoing ability to make a difference: whether it be offering families the opportunity to find meaning in donation, providing waiting candidates the opportunity for a second chance, working with staff to develop their skill sets to optimize their ability to help families make an empowering, proactive and enduring decision as well as my ability to continue to learn with a beginner’s mind.

Advice to New OPO Staff: Although it may not feel like it, each and every day you make a difference. It is often the simplest or quietest gesture which can make the most significance on the worst day of someone’s life,

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You: I design and make jewelry as a stress reliever.

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