The Gift of Someone Who Listens

We feature the poem "The Gift of Someone Who Listens" as a thank you to our coordinator colleagues and aftercare specialists who accompany donor families on the most difficult journeys of their lives.

By Theresa A. Daly | September 23, 2022

Following is a poem by Nancy Myerholtz and is reprinted with the kind permission from “The Compassionate Friends,” a national organization with chapters in all 50 states, who have provided support to bereaved families after the death of a child for over four decades.

Those of us who have traveled a while
Along this path called grief,
Need to stop and remember that mile
The first mile of now relief.

It wasn’t the person with answers
Who told us the ways to deal,
It wasn’t the one who talked and talked
That helped us start to heal.

Think of the friends who quietly sat
And held our hands in theirs,
The ones who let us talk and talk
And hugged away our tears.
We need to always remember
That more than the words we speak,
It’s the gift of someone who listens
That most of us desperately seek.

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