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Concepts of Death & Responses to Grief in Children

By Cherry Wise, PhD | May 20, 2020

All children are unique in their understanding of death and in their response to grief. This understanding is influenced by their developmental level, cognitive skills, personality characteristics, religious and cultural beliefs, input from the media, and by what they are taught about death and grief from the adults in their lives.

The Art and Science of Leadership

By Theresa A. Daly | October 17, 2019

Organizations committed to donation and transplantation are facing complex challenges that require the rapid development of leaders. Now, more than ever, leaders must: learn and deploy core management skills; develop a broad strategic perspective; take their leadership skills to the next level; expand their professional and personal networks.

Maintaining Professional Boundaries

By Cherry Wise, PhD | September 1, 2019

Professional boundaries are vital in OPO work because we are working on a deep level with vulnerable people. We have a responsibility to them to do things to the best of our ability and to ensure that our help and support does not damage or disenfranchise them.

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