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The Art and Science of Leadership

By Theresa A. Daly | November 14, 2018

Organizations committed to donation and transplantation are facing complex challenges that require the rapid development of leaders. Now, more than ever, leaders must: learn and deploy core management skills; develop a broad strategic perspective; take their leadership skills to the next level; expand their professional and personal networks.

eLearning 101 (okay, maybe 102)

By Bob Norden | October 1, 2018

Although eLearning won’t totally replace traditional classroom training, it does offer a number of benefits.

National Recovery Month

By Jacqui Kates, LSW, CT | August 15, 2018

As we approach International Overdose Awareness Day and recognize National Recovery Month, it is important to remember that how a person dies does not define the person’s life or character, nor does it diminish the suffering experienced by those left behind.

The Importance of Active Listening

By Patricia Mulvania, RN, BSN, CPTC | April 6, 2018

Active listening builds strong relationships and, while it may not come naturally to many of us, it’s an invaluable communication skill.

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