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Engaging the Physician

By Elizabeth Spencer, BS, MPH | January 9, 2019

Engaging the physician is an invaluable component of the OPO-hospital partnership and an important strategy for cultivating and strengthening physician relationships.

The Art and Science of Leadership

By Theresa A. Daly | November 14, 2018

Organizations committed to donation and transplantation are facing complex challenges that require the rapid development of leaders. Now, more than ever, leaders must: learn and deploy core management skills; develop a broad strategic perspective; take their leadership skills to the next level; expand their professional and personal networks.

eLearning 101 (okay, maybe 102)

By Bob Norden | October 1, 2018

Although eLearning won’t totally replace traditional classroom training, it does offer a number of benefits.

National Recovery Month

By Jacqui Kates, LSW, CT | August 15, 2018

As we approach International Overdose Awareness Day and recognize National Recovery Month, it is important to remember that how a person dies does not define the person’s life or character, nor does it diminish the suffering experienced by those left behind.

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