The Art and Science of Leadership 2024

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Welcome to “The Art and Science of Leadership” certificate program. In order to introduce yourself to your fellow classmates and coaches, we’re asking that you produce a 30-60 second video. Please provide the following information:

1. Name

2. Title

3. OPO

4. Length of time working in OPO field

5. The most important thing you’re looking forward to learning in our program.

Following are some tips on how to create a selfie video using your iPhone or Android device:

1. Make sure the camera is facing you.

2. Phone orientation: use landscape (horizontal), not portrait. Always have the round menu button on your right side to avoid the video potentially being filmed upside down.

3. Turn the volume up as far as it will go on the phone.

4. Consider the following before recording: • Is there enough lighting? • Are you recording in front of a simple, plain background? The more basic the better. • Are there external noises that can be avoided? • Are there any additional distractions?

5. Speak as clearly as possible.

6. Do a test video and play it back so you are sure everything is to your satisfaction.

7. If the sound is low, you might need to remove protective case from the phone so the microphone isn’t covered.

8. Once you’ve recorded the video, email it to yourself.

9. Save the videos to your computer using the following naming convention: LastName_First Name.

10. Forward the final video to Bob Norden ( using (free file saving service) no later than end of day April 22, 2024.

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